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Welcome to Troop 227's website!  Our Scouts (ages 11-17) are from Shrewsbury, Boylston and Worcester, Mass.  We are celebrating our 35th year and our Sponsor since 1984 is St. Anne's Parish in Shrewsbury.  We meet in the Father Smith Center (Parish Hall) on Wednesday evenings year-round from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Our unit is active all 12 months of the year.  We have an outdoor activity or campout once a month and Summer Camp is a full week of merit badge work and activities in mid-July or early-August each year.  Our senior youth leaders participate in National Youth Leader Training.  Please feel free to stop by and visit us.

Saturday Camp Pickup Details

Posted on Jul 12 2019 - 3:01pm
Notes from Mrs. H. below regarding camp pickup tomorrow.  

Jack Stille - Eagle Project

Posted on Jul 8 2019 - 6:25am
Jack Stille will be having his Eagle Project at Hillside in Boylston on 3 dates.
  • July 21st 9am-1pm (7 open slots)
  • July 27th 1pm-3pm (7 open slots
  • August 10th 1pm-3pm (5 open slots)
His project consists of marking trees with trail markers, installing signs into the ground that inform the public of the trials, spreading gravel to prevent flooding, and removing old, unwanted fitness course signs. He would like anyone interested in attending to email/call him by Sunday, July 14th. His email is jackstille@yahoo.com and his phone number is 508-656-9910.

No Troop Meeting

Posted on Jul 8 2019 - 6:25am

There is no Troop Meeting the week following Camp - July 17. 

Summer Camp - Sunday Arrival at Camp & Saturday dismissal

Posted on Jul 8 2019 - 6:22am

Sunday morning, the troop needs to assemble in Class A uniform (with class B underneath) in Jambo field at Treasure Valley at NOON on Sunday July 7th.  Please arrive fed - we won't eat until dinner at 6pm.  Drive into the field, and park.  Look for the bright blue hats.  Once we are all there, we can proceed to check in.  We will do med checks at the farm house.  We will walk from there to the waterfront for swim checks so Scouts should have their swim suits on or very easily accessible.  From swim checks we walk to our campsite.  Our trailer should be at the site, and we can start to set up our new home for the week.  Parents are encouraged to drop scouts at Jambo field and leave when we head to med checks, especially the new scouts. 

Summer Camp - Electronics, Theme and Open Mic

Posted on Jul 1 2019 - 5:42pm

The troop cell phone policy - as written - will be enforced at camp:

In the campsite, there is no use of cell phones outside of your tent.  If scouts need to use the cell phone in the campsite for summer camp reasons, they may ask permission from one of the adult leaders.  The camp allows cell phones to be used around camp, but they warn that merit badge councilors can confiscate phones if they are being abused during class.  Mrs Horton will use her phone during the day for photos, and upload at night from her tent (which follows the policy), but really would rather not have phones or electronics at camp.  The troop historian has asked for permission to use his phone as a camera in the site.  That permission has been granted.  Otherwise, the scouts should really take advantage of being a kid in the woods for a week.  The troop is NOT responsible for lost or broken phones or electronics at camp.

Hats! & Class B Uniforms

Posted on Jul 1 2019 - 5:39pm

All Scouts are expected in full uniform during their time at Camp.  That includes Class B Tshirts and Troop Hats.  (ANY Scout shirt is considered a Class B Tshirt)

If your Scout needs a replacement Troop (blue) hat, they are available for purchase ($10).  If your Scout has never received a Troop hat, one will be issued to him at (or before) Summer Camp. 

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